Sunset Cruise | Sunset Sailboat Cruises | St. Petersburg

Sunset Cruises

Cruise the shores of St. Petersburg as you watch a dramatic Florida sunset. Departing approximately 2 hours before sunset, this relaxing journey can be shared by up to six passengers or can be a romantic experience for two.

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Weekend getaway

Simplicity | Rent Luxury Leopard Catamaran | Weekend Sailing Charters | Simple Sailing

What better way to "get away from it all" than to leave land entirely? Relax aboard the Simiplicity, a luxury catamaran. Simple Sailing offers 2-day and 3-day weekend packages, with optional catering packages available.


As classically romantic as it sounds, intimate sailboat wedding charters are perfect for the couples who want a private ceremony. The Simple Sailing wedding package includes space for just the two of you and up to four friends on board a beautiful Catamaran sailboat.

Your wedding can take place under sail, at dockside or even on a quiet beach. Whatever you decide, Simply Sailing can arrange it all, from a professional to perform the ceremony to catering and photography.