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Our Charters and Pricing

The best way to see Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico is from the deck of a private sailing yacht. Simple Sailing Charters offers a range of packages and charter options, from half-day excursions to multi-day cruises. We'll help you plan your adventure to any of the many beautiful and exciting destinations in the area. 

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Andiamo Sailboat: Catalina 28

Sandy: Duffy 21

Futura: Catamaran 39

Believe Sailboat: Hunter 27 

Salty: Duffy 21

Lorikeet: Jeanneau 38

Excitement Sailboat: Hunter 22

Buster: Duffy 21 

Bella: Hunter 36

Explorer: Fishing Boat

Dream: Hunter 36

KarAmour: Swift Trawler